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Get a three-month Spotify Premium subscription for 99 cents

Proof positive that not all the best deals happen on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, this impressive offer is worth $29.


A couple weeks back I asked readers to name their favorite music-streaming service, and the response was terrific. This is obviously a subject you care a great deal about.

So here's some good news: for a limited time, you can get a three-month Spotify Premium subscription for 99 cents. Its regular price is $9.99 per month. There's just one catch: it's for new users only. (Of course, you can always use a secondary email address to become a "new" user again. Just saying.)

Spotify offers unlimited ad-free music from an on-demand library of roughly a bajillion songs. The service works with desktop and mobile devices alike, and on the latter you can download songs for offline listening. There's a free ad-supported version you can try without paying a cent, too.

What's more, it combines some of the best elements of services like Pandora and Songza, with various music-discovery options and playlists based on genres and moods.

As part of your Premium subscription, you can sync music on up to three devices for offline listening -- and that listening can happen simultaneously. However, streaming is limited to one device at a time. That's pretty typical; most of the competing services have the same limitation unless you upgrade your plan.

The only real hitch here is that you need to remember to cancel your account on March 3, 2015, otherwise you'll start getting billed at the regular $9.99 per month rate. Of course, the idea is that once you get accustomed to having all the music of the world ( except for Taylor Swift's, ahem) at your fingertips, you won't want to give it up -- even if it means another monthly bill.

I'm definitely in for three months at least. You?

Bonus deal: Speaking of sweet three-month subscription deals, Audible is offering new users (or, as described above, "new" users) a three-month Audible Gold subscription for $3. Normally $14.95 per month, the membership entitles you to one free audiobook per month, plus discounts on other titles you may wish to buy. Again, just make sure you set a reminder to cancel before month four kicks in.