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Get 50GB of iDrive iOS cloud storage for 99 cents

That's per month, right? Nope: 99 cents for an entire year. And every year after that.

New iDrive customers can take advantage of this amazing storage deal. Screenshot by Rick Broida

Cloud storage is no longer an oddity -- it's a necessity. You need it not only to back up your most prized data (while at the same time keeping local backups, natch), but also to sync your files, photos, and whatnot between your various devices: phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Hey, wait a minute -- deja vu!

If you're feeling it, too, it's because you read this same post a few weeks ago when it was called,

This time: it's personal. No, wait... this time, it's iOS.

Cloud-storage provider iDrive has extended this appealing deal to owners of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. You have to be a new iDrive customer, but otherwise the deal is exactly as good as it sounds: 50GB of cloud storage for an impossibly low 99 cents per year.

Let me clarify here that you're actually getting 50GB of backup space and 50GB of "sync space." I still find that a bit confusing, but there's no denying this is a spectacular cloud-storage offer.

As I noted previously, when iDrive first told me about this, I was sure it meant 99 cents for the first year, then a more typical $50 to $100 each year after that. But a company rep told me in no uncertain terms: "It will be the same [99 cents] a year from now. [This is not] a first-year discount or limited-time offer."

To get it, you need one of the aforementioned iOS devices on which to install the iDrive app and sign up for an account. (Never mind the in-app purchase options shown in the App Store; you should see the 99-cent deal once you swipe through the getting-started screens.)

By the way, although you need an iOS (or Android) device to take advantage of this offer, once you have your iDrive account, you can use it across all platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

So if you're in the market for copious cloud storage on the cheap, you'd be crazy not to give iDrive a try. It's a buck. One buck. For the whole year. If you already grabbed it (for Android), hit the comments and let your fellow cheeps know how you're liking iDrive.

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