A Flash-based gaming community and portal service

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      Category: Entertainment

      GameGum is a Flash-based gaming community and portal service. Users can find a wide variety of free Flash games to play, chat about, and rank. GameGum also doubles as a social network, as each user gets a profile. GameGum employs an interesting technology called "Pulse," to keep track of what users are doing. It monitors user comments, game submissions, and forum activity. All of this can be seen at a glance, or you can drill down deeper and see the Pulse history for each user.

      Like other Flash-game portals, GameGum offers game authors a place to promote their work, while the site handles the tricky things like hosting, and maintaining uptime. Game authors get a 50 percent cut of any revenue, along with a place to interact with their users and fans.

      Web site: www.GameGum.com

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