Galaxy Note 7 earns a social media send-off in memes

Social Cues: Twitter and Facebook give Samsung's fiery phone one final roast.

Alfred Ng Senior Reporter / CNET News
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Alfred Ng
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has come to an end.

WPTV-TV screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The Galaxy Note 7 has finally burned out.

Samsung's problematic phone trended for the second day in a row on social media as the South Korean electronics giant put out the word that it has permanently ended production on the Note 7. Users on Facebook and Twitter both mocked and mourned the Note 7's demise.

Social Cues is your go-to guide on what's trending across social media. Here's what people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter this Tuesday:

Galaxy Note 7: With mounting incidents of overheating -- even after the device was recalled and replacement units issued -- the saga of the cursed Note 7 has ended. Samsung, on the hook now for millions of dollars lost, confirmed Tuesday it will permanently end production of the phone, putting the device out of its burning misery. With the device trending Facebook and Twitter, many mourned what was briefly considered a great phone, but most just heckled it through memes.

Glenn Beck: Twitter seems convinced that the right-wing political host has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Nearly every post on Beck's trending topic is about him supposedly backing the Democratic nominee, many expressing surprise or shock. The trend comes from Beck's Facebook post on October 8. He did not actually endorse Clinton in the post, but said it would be a moral, ethical choice to stand against Donald Trump, even if it meant that the former secretary of state wins the election.

Warren Buffett: The billionaire investor did not appreciate being name-dropped by Trump during Sunday's debate. After Trump accused Buffett of likewise taking massive deductions to avoid paying federal income taxes, Buffett released a statement saying that he has paid federal income taxes every year since he was 13. Buffett said he has a copy of every tax return "and none uses a carryforward." Buffett's slam was trending on Facebook by Tuesday morning, with users once again clamoring for Trump to release his tax returns.

LeBron James: The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar doesn't just clean house on the basketball court -- apparently he does it in locker rooms, too. James, a three-time NBA champion and four-time MVP, was spotted picking up dirty laundry his teammates left in the locker room after a game against the Sixers on Saturday. Facebook users called James a locker room leader for his actions.

#BeliEVEN: An intense win on Monday night for the San Francisco Giants against the Chicago Cubs sent fans roaring across social media with the official hashtag. Fans were still celebrating the 13th inning win on Tuesday morning, which has forced a Game 4 at AT&T Park, scheduled for Tuesday night.