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FTC's privacy crackdown

The Federal Trade Commission is leaving behind its policy that Net sites should self-regulate in how they collect users' personal information.

The Federal Trade Commission is no longer preaching self-regulation for the online industry where privacy is concerned. After a study showed a lack of consistent efforts to protect personal information--especially for children--the commission is asking Congress for legislation.

FTC seeks Net privacy law
audio | update The FTC asks Congress for legislation to shield children's online privacy in its report on Net data collection practices.

Net industry reacts to FTC threat
update In response to the FTC's report regarding online privacy, high-tech trade groups send President Clinton a letter asking for self-regulation.

FTC to slam Net sites on privacy
audio Regulators are expected to drub most of the online industry in a report to Congress for not adequately protecting consumers' privacy.

AOL revamps security policy
update After several highly publicized security breaches, the online giant posts a new version of its membership policy that addresses some of the privacy concerns raised by users and critics.