From Donald Glover to Veo: Google's New AI Video Generator Shakes Up the Event

AI video generator Veo joins other Google AI updates, including a new AI editing studio named Video FX and a new model of Imagen 3.

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Katelyn Chedraoui
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Google just announced what it is calling its "most capable" AI video generator yet, a program named Veo. Filmmaker, actor and musician Donald Glover showed off the tool in a video during Google I/O, the tech giant's annual developers conference.

Veo creates 1080p videos based on text, image and video prompts you provide. You can use Veo to create videos from certain perspectives (like landscape or aerial shots) and refine your videos with follow-up prompts. Google also dropped a new video editing tool called Video FX, which should let you storyboard your videos and extend clips as needed. 

Donald Glover showed off how he and his team used Veo while making a new short film. Glover and others called out how they used Veo to visualize ideas, spark creativity and speed up the process. "You can make a mistake faster -- that's all you really want at the end of the day, at least in art, to make mistakes fast," said Glover in the video played at I/O (not created by Veo).

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Right now, it appears that Veo is only available for select creators in Google Labs. Google also announced a new model of its AI image generator, Imagen 3 and Music AI Sandbox.

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