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Former Windows Phone exec reportedly joins Amazon

Charlie Kindel, who worked to build developer support for Microsoft's smartphone business, isn't saying what his new role will be with the online retail giant.

Charlie Kindel, wakeboarding, in a press photo made available by the company as it introduced him as a key evangelist in 2010 for its new Windows Phone platform.

Longtime Microsoft veteran Charlie Kindel, who left the software giant a year and a half ago to launch a startup, just joined Amazon to work on a "secret" project.

Kindel held several jobs in his 21 years at Microsoft, including general manager in charge of rallying independent software developers to its Windows Phone platform. His hire at Amazon could stoke more speculation that the online retail giant is readying a mobile phone of its own. Kindel isn't saying, noting on his recently updated LinkedIn page only that he's working on "something wonderful."

The news was first reported by GeekWire.

Kindel left Microsoft to launch BizLogr, which has developed an automated mileage reporting tool for businesses.

On his personal blog, Kindel published a post that was part April Fools' prank, part truth, though he left it to the reader to figure out which was which. The post joked that he joined Amazon to build the "Amazon Kindle Charlie," the company's "entry into the hotly contested home server market."

"My blog post actually covers it all, except the 'home server' part," Kindel wrote in an email to CNET.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Amazon has long been rumored to be considering making a mobile phone. The speculation has suggested that it would run a variation of the Kindle Fire Android operating system. In 2011, Citigroup analysts reportedly wrote that Amazon was working with Foxconn, one of the manufacturers that makes iPhones for Apple, to develop a smartphone.

Updated at 1:30 p.m. PT with comment from Kindel.