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Flipboard celebrates year two with 20 million users

The news-reader app turns two, and now sees 1.5 million daily visitors and a new user every second, according to the company.

Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

News-reading app Flipboard has 20 million reasons to celebrate today.

The app, which lets users integrate social media accounts into its feed and presents updates as news stories or blog posts, marks its 2nd birthday with 20 million users, 1.5 million of whom access the app daily.

The company has picked up steam over the years and now boasts a new Flipboard user every second, with users spending an average of 86 minutes per month on the app, according to its blog post.

With 3 billion items shared each month, Flipboard breaks down what its most popular sections and articles have been. Last week, the app's top five most shared articles included CNET's post (shameless plug) on how to save a wet phone.

While the app is now in over 200 countries, it is most popular in the U.S., the U.K., China, Japan and Canada. Even then, on a per user basis, Brazilian Flipboard users spend the most time on the app and Mexican users read the most articles. Japanese readers engage in the most social interactions per user.

In the U.S., the app is most active in Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Orlando and Chicago. For more stats, check out the infographic Fliboard created for its celebration.