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Flickr walks the plank (plus other pirate goodies)

We be bloggin' about seafarin' hearties today. If if ye dasn't like 't, ye can keel haul th' plank.

      In case you hadn't noticed, today is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day," which means it's socially acceptable to start speaking in tongues to your friends, family, and coworkers without them being able to roll their eyes as much as they usually do. It's also a time to check out Flickr, who has managed to translate the entirety of the site to pirate-speak. To toggle this option, just go down to the bottom of the page and select "Arrr!" as the language. Flickr's logo changes, along with all the menus, greeting messages, and of course, references to your groups and contacts which are now referred to as your "crew" and "mateys."

      To a quick-and-dirty version of this for any site, you can also run any old URL through the Pirate-Speak Generator, which will turn your "my's" into "me's" and generally turn all instances of proper English into the language of ship-born scallywags.

      Find Flickr's secret pirate mode by picking 'Arrr!' from the language selection. CNET Networks

      Other pirate resources:

    • The pirate name generator, which will tell you exactly what your name would be if you decided to become a pirate. And in case you were wondering, it's not your middle name and the name of your first pet put together.

    • Pirate translator OS X Dashboard widget. Today might be the holiday, but there are still 364 other days to speak like a pirate. Make use of them by keeping this handy widget in your Dashboard repertoire.

    • The Sea Pirates Flash game. If you've ever played Zelda, you'll know the importance of sailing a ship around while trying to avoid oceanic peril. This game involves pillaging local islands at whim. It's up to you and the wind to make your way through the ocean while staying alive. You get bonus points for boarding enemy pirate ships and digging up buried treasure, too.

      Anyone find any other fun pirate day Easter eggs on their favorite sites? Share 'em in the TalkBack.