Yahoo's Flickr app now supports Apple's 3D Touch

Flickr's latest app for Apple's mobile software has several new features, but you'll need an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus to use some of them.

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Lance Whitney
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Flickr's latest app for Apple's mobile operating system has several new features, but you'll need an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus to use some of them.


Flickr's online photo storage app now takes advantage of the 3D Touch feature in Apple's new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Released Thursday, Flickr for iOS version 4.0.6 uses Apple's 3D Touch to help you access certain features. Introduced with the new iPhones and the iOS 9 mobile software, 3D Touch helps you perform tasks a little faster, with fewer steps.

For example, by pressing the app's icon with a forceful tap, you can open it directly. By lightly tapping the icon, you can bring up a "Quick Actions" menu with options to upload a photo, view your notifications with comments on your photos from other people or run a search from the home screen.

Support for 3D Touch was limited at first but has grown to include such apps as Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Dropbox, Twitter and Instagram. Still, Apple needs more apps to take advantage of 3D Touch, one of the few standout features in the latest iPhone lineup. The company sold 13 million of its new phones during the September 19 launch weekend, and it needs to keep the momentum going through the critical holiday quarter.

The latest version of Flickr also extends the capabilities of 3D Touch. When you open your camera roll to display all the photos you've saved, you can press a particular photo to preview it, then move your finger to the right or left to check out other photos. For a photo you want to see in all its glory, press it harder to display it in full screen.

The enhancements don't end with 3D Touch. With the new version of Flickr, you can search albums, groups and other items using the Spotlight Search feature on your iPhone or iPad. That means you don't even need to open the Flickr app to run a search. Any links to photos that you send or receive will now open in the Flickr app instead of the Safari browser.

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr provides online storage space where you can upload and share photos with other people. With a free 1 terabyte of space available, you can create albums to organize thousands of photos. You can choose to auto-upload photos you take from your iPhone or iPad, and you can also keep them private by default and choose the ones you wish to share.