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This $20 plan pieces together your fitness puzzle

KiQplans promise to help you stay fit using the fitness tracker you already own and some digital coaching.

KiQplans are fitness plans that connect with your activity tracker. Josh Miller/CNET

What if your Jawbone Up or Misfit Shine could do more than just count your steps? What if it could actually coach you into losing weight or getting into shape? Fitness company Fitbug is trying to do just that with its latest product, KiQplan (pronounced "kick plan").

KiQplans are personalized 12-week fitness plans that include nutritional goals, sleep recommendations and personalized workout plans with animated exercise tutorials. Each plan costs $20 and can be used over and over as many times as you wish.

The real kicker is that these plans can be used with nearly all of the top activity trackers and apps, including the Fitbug Orb , Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand , Misfit Shine, RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. The system works by pulling in data from these fitness gadgets and apps to create your plan and monitor your progress.

You then access your plan through the free KiQplan apps for iOS and Android. Besides tracking your activity and plan progress, you can also use the app to keep tabs on your lifestyle habits, such as smoking and drinking.

There are four plans, each designed to fit different fitness goals and needs. Two are aimed at moms; one is called "Healthy Baby Bump" (recommended for women in their first and second trimesters of pregnancy) and the other is "Goodbye Baby Bump," for post-baby. Then there's the female-focused "Slim + Trim" and one aimed at dudes called "Beer Belly Blaster." In 2015, Fitbug plans to release new plans, one for beginner running, one for late-stage pregnancy and others for managing particular health conditions, such as diabetes.

The KiQplan app tracks your activity and plan progress. Josh Miller/CNET

Though I haven't had the chance to test the plans myself, in looking at a demo, the app has a welcoming design, with a daily activity dashboard and a dedicated sections for the meal and exercise plans. I also really like the animated exercise tutorials, because they show how to do each exercise, with tips for proper form.

Despite its clunky name, KiQPlans seem like an effective way to use a fitness tracker to lose weight or get in shape. At the very least, it gives you as many tools as possible, including recipes, articles and video tutorials, to help you get healthier. You can buy one of the plans at KiQplan.com today, and they'll be in Target stores starting November 9.