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Firefox extension adds photos to Craigslist searches

See images in Craigslist with this handy Firefox plug-in.

Remember ListPic, the service that used to scrape Craigslist for photos in listings and present them in a wonderfully simple visual browser? Well it's still around, albeit with listings from Oodle instead of Craigslist proper. If you're still jonesing for that visual Craigslist experience, there's a Firefox extension aptly named Craigslist image preview that you're going to enjoy. It will automatically pull up photo thumbnails from each posting and put them into the search results so you can eyeball each item before spending the extra click to see the photos.

This works for everything, not just real estate or items for sale, which actually makes exploring some of Craigslist's darkest depths quite a bit of fun. As Simon over at DownloadSquad notes, a similar tool like this is actually a part of Craigslist already, but only for the bikes listings. We've been expecting Craigslist to roll out its own enhanced visual viewer since the cryptic comment by creator Craig Newark about a visual viewer during the ListPic takedown last June. Until then you'll have to settle for this.

[Via DownloadSquad]

Instead of just links, the image viewer extension automatically adds tiny thumbnails to search results, making it more visually engaging. CNET Networks