Firefox add-ons site goes on a diet, gets face-lift [video]

Mozilla remodel changes how novice users will interact with the site.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
This post has been updated from the original. Added: Video interview with Mike Shaver, Technology Strategist at Mozilla Corp.

On Monday, Mozilla launched an updated version of its add-ons page for its popular browser Firefox. The new page has redefined genres, language localization, and snazzy Ajax-enabled previews for screenshots. Mozilla also is adding a user community element that allows users to add their own reviews, complete with a rating system. Previously, you were only able to add comments. Mozilla also has cut hundreds of extensions to make room for the more popular ones, making the updated site more of a "best of" than a full compendium. New or noteworthy extensions can be voted up to popularity with user reviews. If users want the full list of extensions, they can go to Mozilla's developer community page.

The move caters to new Firefox users who might not be so familiar with extensions, and aims to weed out some of the older extensions that don't work with more recent builds of the browser.