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Find your first tweet: Twitter opens archive for its birthday

To celebrate turning 8, Twitter is making it easy for you to find your very first tweet. Were you witty or dull?

Crave's first tweet
Crave's first tweet was all about a CPU cooler. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I honestly couldn't remember what my first tweet was about. I joined Twitter back in 2010 and have generated 1,559 tweets since then. Too many to recall them all. In celebration of its 8th birthday, Twitter is making easy for forgetful people like me to discover the very tweet that started the journey. Your first tweet.

Using the site first-tweets.com, you can enter your Twitter username and instantly pull up that intelligent, insightful, and funny first tweet you posted. In my case, it was a deadly dull journalistic inquiry asking to get in touch with a press contact for a restaurant. Scintillating! If I had known I was going to be looking at my first tweet again years down the line, I would have composed something about "Star Trek" crossing over with "Doctor Who," or perhaps an artfully beautiful haiku.

Fortunately, first-tweets.com doesn't limit you to your own output. You can check on other usernames as well. CNET's first tweet in 2009 is all about AT&T increasing a bounty on fiber vandals. You'll find that some of today's Twitter luminaries didn't exactly shine in their first outings. Sir Patrick Stewart's entry is a simple "Hi World."

Geek star Wil Wheaton, however, fares better. Not only did he sign up way back in 2007, but he tweeted out this message to kick things off: "Trying to figure out if I signed up with 'wilwheaton' to prevent some jerk from stealing it, or if some jerk already stole it." It has style. It has content. It was a portent of great Twitter things to come.

Perhaps my favorite first tweet so far comes from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak back in March 2009: "Rare massage (for me), then dance practice. No pain, no gain. Awkward but fun, this dancing. I still can't do Macarena." That tweet conjures up some delightful imagery.

If you really like your first tweet, you can re-broadcast it from the first-tweets site. I won't be doing that. Go look at your first tweet and report back. Tell us in the comments if it was a keeper or something you would rather keep locked away in the dusty drawer of your Internet past.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s first tweet
NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. chose his recent Daytona 500 win as his Twitter kick-off. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

(Via USA Today)