Find a bathroom or a significant other for you and your gerbil

These two services can help you find a bathroom or your next companion.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Two start-ups that caught our eye at last night's SFbetahere in San Francisco were MizPee and DateMyPet.com. Not so much for their services, which to be honest, aren't the most necessary we've seen, but rather their ingenuity for finding some interesting ways to direct people towards something they're looking for.

In the case of MizPee, that direction comes in the way of bathrooms. Yes, MizPee helps you find and rate public bathrooms. Like HotSpotr, another SFbeta demonstrator of the past, users can login to the service on their mobile devices and hunt for available toilets by plugging in their city and street address. It will then track down a list of the nearest toilets, along with cleanliness ratings (on a scale of one to five toilet paper rolls), and a quick note about whether or not a purchase is required for use. Users can also give the toilet their own rating.

The service is also linked up to a coupon-and-deals-finding service that will let you know if there are any discounts or specials at nearby businesses.

DateMyPet.com is kind of like Dogster and Catster, although not limited to a certain breed of pet. In fact, users can search from nearly a dozen types of common pets, including fish and exotic animals. The creators made the site after several failed relationships where their partner's incompatibility spurred from dislike for their pets. The site takes a social networking approach, with combined profiles for both users and their pets.