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Feedly goes pro with $45-per-year subscription

Those who want the premium features of the RSS reader can pay $5 per month or $45 a year. The fees will help the company build a good service for all its users, Feedly says.

Feedly logo

Feedly, a leading contender in the competition to replace Google's now-dead Reader, publicly launched its premium Feedly Pro service on Monday with a cost of $5 per month or $45 per year.

The service, available over the Web or through iOS and Android apps, lets people read content published with RSS and Atom feeds, a technology Google concluded wasn't mainstream enough to bother with. Plenty of others disagreed, lamenting the loss of Google Reader, and Feedly is among those trying to make a business out of Google's withdrawal.

Feedly launched Feedly Pro earlier this month to 5,000 people who signed up for $99 lifetime subscriptions. (The subscriptions sold out in eight hours.) "The funds from that campaign helped us invest in the infrastructure and customer support needed to make Feedly pro generally available," the company said.

The initial Feedly Pro features included the ability to read feeds over secure HTTPS connections, article search, premium support, and integration with the Evernote service for saving data. Feedly adjusted course, though, adding HTTPS support to the free version and adding Pocket support to the premium version.

"New pro features will be added regularly. The goal is to offer our most passionate users more productivity and make Feedly sustainable in the long run," the company said. "A more sustainable company will lead to more innovation for users of both Feedly pro and Feedly standard."