Feed me: eBay rolls out new homepage to all users

The e-commerce giant unveils a site redesign that includes a feature, dubbed Feed, that curates a user's favorite items on a personalized page and displays them in a setup similar to Pinterest.

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Shara Tibken
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eBay today rolled out its new homepage to all users. eBay
eBay just got a lot more personal for all of its users.

The e-commerce and payments giant today officially rolled out its Web site redesign, the biggest change in its history. eBay first introduced the new features, which it says creates a more personalized experience, in October. Since that time, eBay has allowed site visitors to opt in for the new design. Starting today, users no longer have the option to use the older design, but eBay says the new site is "more intuitive."

One feature, dubbed Feed, curates a user's favorite items on a personalized page and displays the images in a setup very similar to Pinterest's layout. eBay also improved its search function and included bigger photos and key product information on each item's page.

If someone is new to the site or hasn't personalized his or her Feed with interests, favorite brands, and trends, popular interests will appear on the homepage.

Since launching Feed a few months ago, eBay has observed higher traffic from users, more engagement, and increased purchase behavior. In other words, users with the redesigned site are visiting eBay more, clicking on more items, staying on the site longer, and buying more items.

Basically, that's a big win for eBay.

Here's a letter from eBay President Devin Wenig, discussing the changes:

Customize your shopping experience on eBay

We know that shoppers today want a more personalized experience. And at eBay, we're committed to delivering more inspiring, more intuitive ways to browse and buy the things that matter to you most. It's why we're bringing you a new way to customize your eBay shopping experience and discover products tailored for your interests -- right on the homepage.

Your new eBay homepage features a personalized feed of products based on the interests, brands and trends that match your passions and preferences. The ever-changing collection of items -- pulled from eBay's selection of over 400 million listings -- creates an inspiring, visual shopping experience that's just for you.

The more interests you add, the more your homepage reflects you. This personalized experience blends the technology of search with the inspiration of browsing -- so you can discover new items each time you visit. And, each item is instantly shop-able, helping you easily connect to the things you need and love.

What will you follow? Personalize your homepage feed today and let the inspiration begin.