FedEx Facebook app lets you send packages to your friends

Through the new "Ship to Friends" app, you can ship packages directly from Facebook.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Facebook members who use FedEx might want to check out a new app that makes it easier to send items to your friends.

Dubbed "Ship to Friends," the new Facebook app lets you handle the entire shipping process without leaving Facebook. You can ship a package to anyone. But the process is a bit quicker if you're sending something to a Facebook friend since you can select the person from your friends list.

Here's how it works:

Launch the app's Facebook page. Click on the Start shipping button. Like all Facebook apps, this one will ask for permission to access your account information. Assuming that's OK, click on the link to Go to app.

You'll first need to enter your address. Then enter the name and address of the recipient. If the recipient is a Facebook friend, you can type the first letter of the person's name to choose that profile from a drop-down list.

Next choose the weight of the package and select a shipping option to determine the cost. You can compare several options to find the right deal. Enter your credit card information and then click on the button to Complete Purchase.

You'll then need to actually package the item and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location.

If your recipient is a Facebook friend, you can post a personalized message to that person's timeline with an alert that a package is on its way.

Overall, the process is not much different than going to FedEx's own Web site to ship a package. Still, if you frequently FedEx items to Facebook friends, the app could come in handy.

Ship to Friends is accessible on Facebook's Web site as well as its mobile app. But for now, the service is available only for shipments in the United States.