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Fan builds giant Lego Star Destroyer with multiple levels

Even Darth Vader would be impressed with this Lego fan who built an Imperial Star Destroyer almost 5 feet long. But it's the interior levels that really make this the ultimate Star Wars toy.

If you want to construct a giant Lego Star Destroyer, you might as well give your Star Wars minifigures a home they deserve.

Imgur user Doomhandle built a Star Destroyer named ISD Tyrant so magnificent it houses three levels, including a hangar bay, a command bridge, a conference room, a captain's cabin and officers' quarters. There's even a Sith meditation chamber for calming down after your boss threatens to Force choke you for interrupting him during a meeting.

The Lego ISD Tyrant measures 56 inches (1.4 meters) long and weighs approximately 70 pounds (32 kilograms). This model is about 20 inches longer -- and a lot heavier -- than the classic Lego UCS version of the Star Destroyer.


Behold the fan-made ISD Tyrant with Lego's much smaller 2014 Star Destroyer beside it.


The Star Wars fan who built this amazing creation understands an undeniable truth: sometimes you really want to play with a complete Lego build instead of just display it.

"That's Jeff Vader," Doomhandle wrote. "He's always complaining about how wet the trays are."


From the whimsical nature of the 35 photos posted, you can see how much fun Doomhandle had posing his Lego minifigures.

The minifigs of Imperial officers and Stormtroopers are gathered around a conference table, arguing on the bridge, meditating in the chamber, grabbing a drink in the officers' quarters, getting a check-up in the medical bay and having a meal with a cranky Sith Lord.

Doomhandle even created characters for the Lego ship, including its own resident Sith named Eno Rathis.

"I don't like building things for actual movie characters because their stories already have been told," Doomhandle wrote. "So I make up my own characters instead."

Many of the elaborate sections are removable as well.

"It was a high priority for me to have everything come apart as elegantly as possible," Doomhandle wrote. "The roof sections retain the correct angle when they are removed. Simply lift the superstructure off the ship."

"The only individual piece that you ever have to remove is a technic axle (8L) that secures the bridge," Doomhandle added. "The bridge stays in place without it, but I'm afraid that I'll bump the ship and send it flying if it's not secured."

Here's hoping no one accidentally drops this Lego Star Destroyer while playing with it, like in this painful-to-watch, super-slow-motion destruction video from Wired's "Battle Damage" series.