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Fake Startups Compete for 'Worst Website Ever'

As you collect friends, you become a more valued user and you make more money. Yes, it really is that simple. That's why you're a thought leader.

Once upon a time, SXSW was a music festival and then it became something else that I don't understand. So, just when I thought that SXSW was only about Sarah Lacy vs. Marc Zuckerberg I read about this great contest to come up with the worst website idea. The sad part is that I could see all 7 of these getting funded a few months back.

Based on the descriptions, my winner is:
Entrepreneur: Lane Becker, co-founder of GetSatisfaction
Bad idea: MMOmmerce, the future of the future of commerce
The pitch: Shop for real-life items within MMOs. Frag Nazis while shopping for designer home furnishings in a game co-developed by Target and the U.S. Army. Shop for goods on Amazon.com in a virtual Amazon jungle. Visit a Barnes & Noble inside the Lord of the Rings multiplayer game for the true "Clicks and Mordor" experience.