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Facebookers check-in at the world's most social landmarks

The most popular places to check-in on the social network range from Sao Paolo's Mercado Municipal to Moscow's Gorky Park to Seoul's Dongdaeum, according to new data.

Facebook's social landmarks around the world.

People who check-in on Facebook tend to like sports arenas, public parks, and shopping centers, according to data the social network crunched to figure out the world's most social landmarks.

The data follows check-ins made in 25 cities around the globe and found that the most popular places to be during the summer months tend to be outdoors; people like shopping in markets, watching sporting events, and going to music festivals.

Obvious tourist places also seem to be a hit. Users checked-in while gazing at dinosaurs is the American Museum of Natural History in New York, people watching on Rome's Spanish Steps, and strolling along Paris' Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

Here's more information from a Facebook blog post:

Looking deeper into the data, we saw that shopping is popular internationally: malls and outdoor markets appear within the top 10 landmarks for 19 of 25 cities, including Sao Paolo's Mercado Municipal, Seoul's Dongdaeum and Melbourne's Queen Victoria market.

Amusement parks like Johannesburg's Gold Reef City, Moscow's Gorky Park, Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, and Seoul's Lotte World were among the top 10 places to check-in.

Restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafes in Buenos Aires, Delhi, and Barcelona, TGI Fridays in Norway, and Bella Paulista Casa de Paes in Sao Paulo were favorites too.

Sports venues also ranked highly in the U.S., with Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco each featuring stadiums or arenas in their top 10 list. Baseball was also very popular in Tokyo, where the Tokyo Dome won out, while in other cities, soccer, rugby, and cricket venues were popular summer hangouts.

Here's a Facebook infographic that shows the most popular landmarks by city:

Facebook's social landmarks by city. Facebook