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Facebook vows to use 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020

The social media giant is looking to go (even more) green.

The Facebook logo seen displayed on a smart phone. According
Facebook says it's committed to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent.
SOPA Images

Facebook is doubling down on being an eco-friendly company.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Facebook said it aims to use 100 percent renewable energy to power its global operations, including its data centers, by the end of 2020. It also vowed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent.

In 2015 Facebook set a goal of supporting 50 percent of its facilities with renewable energy, like wind and solar power, by 2018. It hit that goal early, with 51 percent renewable energy in 2017. 

Facebook already uses 100 percent clean and renewable energy to power its data centers in Los Lunas, New Mexico, Papillion, Nebraska, Luleå, Sweden, Altoona, Iowa, and Fort Worth, Texas, the company said on its sustainability site.

Other companies like Google and Apple have also committed to using 100 percent renewable energy, and a handful of non-tech companies like Starbucks, Walmart, Target and General Motors have also signed deals to run on renewables. 


Facebook's electricity mix for 2017.

Facebook/Screenshot by CNET