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Facebook song made on an iPad 2 honours our 5,000 Facebook fans

The CNET UK Facebook fan page now just hit 5,000 gadget-addled fans so we've composed a song that charts everything we love about Facebook. And we made it all on an iPad 2!

We're awfully proud of our official CNET UK Facebook fan page. We've watched it pass important benchmarks like 1,000 fans, 2,000 fans and the first fan drawing of a bear fighting a shark. But for 5,000 fans, we needed to do something extra special to celebrate. So without further ado, we present the CNET UK Facebook music video -- composed, filmed and edited using only GarageBand and iMovie for the iPad 2.

This stirring rock anthem charts everything we love, hate and love to hate about Zuckerberg's monstrous social network. Hit play up above to hear our angelic voices, and watch the CNET UK team rendering themselves entirely unemployable with a lethal arrangement of dancin', rockin', rappin' and ridiculous sunglasses. 

Making a music video using GarageBand and iMovie wasn't easy -- we definitely felt we were pushing the limits of Apple's media-making software. Yet we were delighted with the final product, which is hampered only by the total lack of talent of everyone involved. And that's hardly the iPad 2's fault.

If you're a regular CNET UK reader, or just a tech-head who fell down some horrible Google rabbit-hole and wound up here by mistake, we think you'll feel right at home on our Facebook page.

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This isn't our first foray into Facebook fan-thanking -- check out our 1,000 Likes video and our supercomputer-powered 2,000 Likes extravaganza