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Facebook song: 'I delete them, but they add me again'

Singing an original song about Facebook's annoyances helps one Australian teen singer become an instant YouTube sensation.

Video screenshot by Boonsri Dickinson/CNET

One Facebook user is expressing her annoyance with the social network--not through a Facebook status update, but by posting a parody song on YouTube.

One of the points Australian singer Madelaine Zammit stresses in the song is the randomness of friendship requests, singing about a 40-year-old man trying to add her as a friend. Zammit, a high school student, sang her song live during an Australian morning show and it took off from there. "I thought only my friends would watch it and like we'd have a laugh about it. Then it got to be over 300,000 hits. I didn't think it would," she told the morning show.

Zammit's second video on YouTube (watch it below) is much better than her first (not even sure what she's saying in this one). Does she want to be a singer in the future? "I can't imagine doing anything else because, like, schoolwork, I don't find very interesting. Music would be heaps good to do in the future," she told the morning show hosts.

Her rapid-fire lyrics perhaps reflect the frenzied nature of checking updates, poking crushes, and liking the latest cat video. "I get distracted then go scrolling up and down the feed/Then notice all the people that I really wished I didn't have to meet/I don't like skinny guys with little muscle who think they're strong."

Zammit set out to write a funny song and decided to write about Facebook, in part because she knew a lot of people would relate. Hers is not the first tune about Facebook, however. Lynnea Malley sings about her digital stalker tendencies. And Kate Miller-Heidke sings about a former lover: "You wanna be my friend on Facebook? Are you f*cking kidding?"