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Facebook reminds you that Graph Search is too cool for you

So you want Graph Search? Too bad. But here are some neat ways to dream about how you might search on the social network, courtesy of Facebook.

Screenshot/Jennifer Van Grove

Hey, remember that next-generation search product Facebook launched over a month ago that you still don't have access to?

Well, there's good news.

No, you're not getting Graph Search yet, but Facebook wants you to know that other people really love it.

The social network today published a blog post to remind people of all the fantastic ways they can use can the shiny new search engine to find people, places, photos, and interests.

"We are still hard at work on building Graph Search, but want to share some of our favorite ways people are using it today," software engineer Maxime Boucher said.

Boucher highlights 16 different search queries that just "hundreds of thousands" of people can actually use. Those with access to Graph Search can learn more about their friends by searching "videos of my friends," or plan a trip with a "ski resorts my friends have been to" query. And for those so inclined to see how the other half lives, they can turn to Graph Search to check out "favorite hobbies of CEOs."

Actually, though, most of the searches Boucher suggests are fairly commonplace. So what, then, is the point of the post? Perhaps the chosen few with access just aren't using the search engine in the novel ways that Facebook has intended. It's a troubling possibility.

Like it or not, Facebook Graph Search is here to stay. Yesterday, Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman spoke about the social network's search engine as a core component of the site's future. In the present, however, Facebook's focus is on making Graph Search functional for legitimate member needs and wants.

Graph Search "will take time for us to build to accommodate all the use cases that we think could be most interesting and most rewarding for people," he said. "The priority right now in Graph Search is trying to make the product useful so that there are queries you're likely to do and find interesting when you get the results from Facebook."

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