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Facebook Premieres launches globally as part of live video push

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Facebook Premieres is rolling out globally. 

Facebook wants to bring you even more video. 

The social media giant on Tuesday rolled out Premieres globally and expanded its interactive video polls and Top Fans features.


Facebook interactive video polls will be available for most videos soon. 


Facebook started testing Premieres earlier this year. The feature lets you post prerecorded video clips -- such as movie trailers or new show episodes -- as though they're live. Friends and other viewers can interact with the videos using emoji and comments like they can with Facebook Live. The clips can be scheduled a week in advance and will also surface in Facebook Watch for more people to discover.

Facebook is also expanding its live video polls and Top Fans features to more pages. Live polls let you participate in a poll while watching a video, and it will soon be available for most videos on the platform. The Top Fans feature puts a badge next to a viewer's name to show that a person is constantly watching your videos. Facebook says this will help build a deeper connection between creators and their audience.

Facebook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.