Facebook photo tagging gets automated

Face.com today launched it's free PhotoTagger facial recognition application for automatically tagging photos on Facebook.

Matthew Fitzgerald Associate Testing Analyst
Matthew Fitzgerald, a CNET associate editor, has been involved with digital camera technology and the photo industry for more than 15 years. His background includes work as a professional photographer, a technical representative, and a repair technician.
Matthew Fitzgerald

After a trial release in July, Face.com on Wednesday launched Photo Tagger to the public. Photo Tagger is a free third-party application for Facebook that uses facial recognition technology to automatically tag photos of people.

Facebook users can use Photo Tagger to automatically tag their photos, it uses facial recognition software to tag all of the photos in an album. After selecting an album photo Tagger scans the photos, then batches them into groups by subject and suggests tags for them. When tags are confirmed, they are pushed live to Facebook, within the users privacy settings.

Photo Tagger also features its Face Alerts system that continuously scans newly uploaded photos automatically and alerts the user when it detects their photo, or their friends, image whether tagged or untagged.

"Face.com recognizes the ever-expanding scope of Facebook and takes it one step further--making photo sharing better, faster and more fun. Photo Tagger connects names to faces and you to your friends." said Gil Hersch, CEO, Face.com.