Facebook is testing dark mode for iOS and Android. Here's how to try it out

The feature is rolling out for the social network's mobile apps.

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Facebook is publicly testing a dark mode for its iOS and Android apps. The new option for the social network's mobile apps was unveiled Friday in a tweet by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who shared a video made in collaboration with Facebook. 

Facebook already offers a dark mode option for the desktop version of its social network, and several of the company's other mobile apps -- including WhatsApp and Messenger -- also already have dark mode. In addition to appealing to people who enjoy a darker background, dark mode is often credited with helping save battery life and reducing eye strain when people use devices in a dim environment. 

"We know people have been asking for dark mode, and they won't have to wait much longer," said a spokesperson for Facebook in an emailed statement on Monday. "People will start to see the option in their Facebook app settings as we roll it out globally over the next few weeks."

How to enable dark mode on Facebook

To turn on dark mode for Facebook on Android and iOS, open the app on your phone. Go to the More menu in the top navigation and scroll down to Settings & Privacy. Open that section. 

If you're part of the test, Dark Mode will be listed there. Click on Dark Mode, and then you'll have the option to select On, Off or System, which will adjust dark mode based on your phone's system settings.

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