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Facebook Is Bringing Messenger Back to Its Mobile App

Meta is testing how to unify functionality for both apps.

Facebook Messenger and Mark Zuckerberg
Messenger may soon get integrated into the Facebook app. 
James Martin/CNET

Meta is working on a way for you to view your messages from Messenger within the Facebook mobile app, according to a blog post from Facebook boss Tom Alison. Facebook reports that it has 2 billion active users who connect on its platform daily, and its team is working to enhance how people have online conversations.  

The company is "testing the ability for people to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app," Alison wrote. Facebook plans to expand testing in the coming months. 

First launched in 2011 as part of Facebook's functionality, Messenger was dropped from the social media platform and became a standalone app in 2014. Shortly after, it added the ability to share locations, handle voice calls and enable peer-to-peer payments. 

Over the last decade, Messenger has received a variety of new features, including encrypted chats, custom emojis and video chats. Facebook has also been working to integrate and enhance multiapp communication among Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Those who use Messenger and Instagram can already contact each other with the direct messaging feature. 

Meta says it also saw some success with community chats, a conversation feature that it rolled out to Facebook Groups in 2022. The company aims to fold in more messaging functionality within Facebook to make it easier for people to connect.