Facebook increases Fab's Thanksgiving sales by 20 percent

Flash sales site Fab credits 25 percent of its revenue from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to social media sources, with Facebook leading the pack.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam

Fab can put another notch on its trendy Facebook belt -- the quirky e-commerce site said it's made at least 20 percent of its Thanksgiving revenue from shoppers who joined Fab through Facebook.

Overall, Fab saw at least 25 percent of its revenue between Black Friday and Cyber Monday come from social media sites. Facebook led the way during the four-day period, now one of the biggest shopping times of the year.

While Fab didn't say how other social media contributed to its revenue overall, CEO Jason Goldberg did post the traffic breakdown in his blog betashop:

• 65 percent Facebook

• 20 percent Pinterest

• 5 percent Twitter

• 1 percent Coolhunting

• 0.5 percent svvply

• 0.3 percent Apartment Therapy

• 0.3 percent Reddit

• 0.3 percent betashop

(The remaining 7.6 percent came from other sources.)

It's no surprise that Facebook is a major contributor to this traffic. In addition to the social network's shear size, the two companies have been closely intertwined. In September, Goldberg said the company had a good relationship with Facebook, adding that social media contributed to 50 percent of Fab's signups. Earlier this month, Facebook added Fab to its list of retail partners on its gifting service, Facebook Gifts.

Fab made a big push to cash in on holiday traffic this year. The company launched its holiday stores shortly after reaching 9 million member sign-ups earlier this month and then added free shipping to boot.