Facebook Home takes up residence outside U.S.

The social network didn't waste any time packing up its software suite and shipping it to Android users abroad.

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Just days after its U.S. debut, Facebook Home, the social network's suite of applications for select Android devices, is ready for download in other countries.

Facebook made the push to international territories Tuesday as part of a colonization plan to get its freshest social-networking features in front of many people as possible -- and to up engagement levels, of course. A company spokesperson said that Facebook Home is now available globally.

Facebook Home arrived last Friday to give Android users with select HTC or Samsung devices Cover Feed, a home screen chock full of swipe-able and panning updates from News Feed. Home also includes a quirky SMS and Facebook messaging environment called Chat Heads, which is now available in partial form, independent of the Home experience, on iOS and Android.

The software suite, which does an excellent job at shifting attention away from Google apps, isn't receiving the greatest praise from early Home reviewers who have scored the package a 2.3 out of 5 stars thus far. Still, plenty of others, this reporter included, have applauded Facebook's ability to garner more attention from users and believe Home to be an inviting place that finds the heart of your smartphone.

Even Google Chairman Eric Schmidt offered praise for Home, which he called a "tremendous endorsement" of the Android platform.

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