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Facebook hires Web-based mobile-game developer team

The social network nabs the crew behind Spaceport, a company that focuses on cross-platform development.


Facebook has acquired the team behind Spaceport, a cross-platform development company specializing in Web-based games, the companies announced Tuesday.

The move shows a continued focus for Facebook on mobile development expertise.

"After looking at Facebook's mission of building best-in-class mobile experiences, as well as much internal discussion with my co-founder and mentor and YouWeb Incubator founder Peter Relan, our team saw a huge potential in working more closely with Facebook," Spaceport co-founder Ben Savage wrote on the company's site today. "With that said, today we're announcing that the team will move as a team to Facebook to make an even larger impact on the mobile world."

Facebook is not buying the technology from the company, just hiring the talent.

"Ben Savage and the Spaceport team are a talented group of mobile engineers. We look forward to building products that people love together," according to a statement from Facebook.