Facebook Graffiti Wall, vandalism at its best

Draw on your friends' Facebook profiles.

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Josh Lowensohn

One of the newest and most popular Facebook apps making the rounds is Graffiti Wall, an application that does exactly what it says: it lets your friends tag your profile. Facebook has had its wall feature for years, allowing users to write personalized messages to one another for everyone to see. With Graffiti Wall, instead of words, you can break out your art skills and go to town on a 600-pixel wide canvas.

Once you've created your masterpiece, it will show up on your friends' Graffiti Wall, assuming they have it installed. If not, others will still be able to view it in your newsfeed.

There are a few quirks: there's no eraser, and there's not a text tool. In fact, many of the things that make simple doodling tools such as Microsoft Paint so great aren't there. There's also not an archive of your drawings, so if you hide a Graffiti Wall post it appears to be gone forever. What is there is a neat idea and has the potential for something that will spice up the Facebook's wall feature, assuming its developers are willing to keep adding new features.

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Facebook's Graffiti Wall app is a veritable Pandora's box for computer art enthusiasts who feel limited by their computer's keyboard. CNET Networks