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Facebook dominates Hitwise list of top searches

The social-networking giant beats out Google for the top spot in the traffic company's annual list of most-visited Web sites.

Experian Hitwise

Just in case you haven't had your fill yet of top-10 lists and countdowns for 2010, today, courtesy of traffic company Experian Hitwise, we give you two more lists related to the Web: most-searched terms and top-visited sites in the U.S. for 2010.

For the second year in a row, Facebook was the Internet's most-searched term in the U.S. between January and November, followed by a range of mostly navigational search terms: facebook login, youtube, craigslist, myspace,, ebay, yahoo,, and mapquest. In other words, iterations of Facebook grabbed four of the top 10 spots, according to the traffic company's annual survey of search queries.

Overall, Hitwise found that social network-related terms dominated the results for most-searched terms in the U.S., accounting for 4.18 percent of the top 50 searches.

New search terms in the top 50, according to Hitwise, included: netflix, verizon wireless, espn, chase, pogo, tagged, wells fargo, yellow pages, poptropica, games, and hulu.

But lest you think Web users have gotten less tabloid-y, here's the juicy stuff: the top five people searches this year, in order, are: Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Miley Cyrus, and Glenn Beck.

Moving on to top-visited sites, Facebook this year beat out Google for the most-visited Web site. Google was No. 2 on the list, followed by Yahoo Mail, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, MySpace, Hotmail, Yahoo Search, and Bing.