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Facebook closes street artist’s page after anti-Zuck posters

Sabo, known for skewering liberal celebrities, loses his account after circulating posters referring to Facebook's CEO with a profanity.

Mark Zuckerberg says he isn't running for president, but that hasn't stopped one conservative street artist from criticizing the alleged aspirations.
James Martin/CNET

Facebook has allegedly shut down an account belonging to a conservative street artist after he disparaged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's rumored presidential aspirations with a profanity.

Sabo, known for skewering the politics of liberal celebrities, lost his account Sunday after creating and putting up posters in various California cities reading "F*ck Zuck 2020," with a middle finger replacing the asterisk, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The reason cited was the use of hate speech.


One of Sabo's posters.

"Your page has been unpublished for using hate speech, which goes against Facebook community standards," read the message at the Unsavory Agents Twitter fan page run by Sabo. "While we allow individuals to speak freely on Facebook, we take action on reports of verbal abuse directed at individuals."

Representatives for the social network didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but a source familiar with the matter told CNET that the Zuckerberg poster didn't factor into the decision.

Earlier this year, after a litany of speculation in the media about his presidential aspirations, Zuckerberg denied the rumors, saying he was too busy running his company and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization focused on giving away most of the couple's fortune for philanthropic causes.

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