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Exchange rings. Say 'I do.' Settle in at Google I/O

Is there anything more romantic than spending your honeymoon at Google's developer conference?

SAN FRANCISCO -- Some people go to Hawaii or the Caribbean for a destination wedding. But Jon Weissenburger and his bride Nina decided that Google I/O here in San Francisco was much more romantic.

Jon and Nina Weissenburger of San Antonio, Texas, spent their first hour as husband and wife registering for Google I/O in San Francisco. CNET/James Martin

The couple tied the knot at the San Francisco courthouse Tuesday morning, and then swung by the Moscone Center in the afternoon so that Jon could register and pick up his badge for the three day event that gets underway Wednesday.

When I saw them standing in line at the convention center, I assumed they were some wacky, Android-obsessed couple. After all, there have been quite a few Android-themed weddings.

But Nina said she wasn't interested in getting hitched at the annual Google confab, so much as she just wanted to come to San Francisco to get married.

"Jon was coming for work anyway," she said. "And we thought the courthouse here was really beautiful. Our families are kind of crazy, so we figured we'd just elope. And why not San Francisco?"

Google I/O begins Wednesday and runs through Friday. CNET will be covering all the news from the developer conference, starting with a live blog of the opening keynote at 9:30 a.m. So stay tuned throughout the day for the latest news.