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Evernote gets that sharing feeling

Evernote, the very, very clever tool for storing your stuff online and taking the strain off your brain, has added the option to share your virtual notebooks

Data-collection tool Evernote has added sharing functions.

The new sharing panel in Evernote Web allows you to share your virtual notebooks, or collections of notes and references, with the whole world or with selected users. If you're a premium user, others will be able to modify your notebooks, should you let them.

We love Evernote: it's designed to function as a 'second brain', where you store stuff you want to reference in future without troubling your actual brain -- great for fans of Getting Things Done. It's like your memory, except bigger and without the annoying propensity to go blank at crucial moments.

What distinguishes Evernote from, say, the now-defunct Google Notebook, is its versatility: there's an iPhone app, and it can pull in pictures from your camera phone, even reading the text, so copies of things like receipts can be stored in the app. As your data is stored in the cloud, it can be synced across multiple computers and phones.

Evernote is free to sign up to and download. The ad-free premium account, which increases your monthly upload limit from 40MB to 500MB, costs £3 per month, or £28 for a year. Sharing features will be added to the desktop and mobile apps soon.