Eventful, Billboard team up to top new charts

Online service specializing in discovering and promoting local events teams up with the music popularity measurer in part to "assist performers in scheduling their tours."

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Eventful, a service that discovers and promotes local events, announced on Thursday that it has joined forces with Billboard to deliver two new charts to add to the music brand's growing list.

According to the company, Billboard will now feature "Eventful Hottest Demand" and "Eventful Weekly Most in Demand" charts to rank artists who are most in demand for live performances. Eventful's 'Hottest' chart will be updated every 30 minutes, based on the tally of fans that demand artists to perform in their area. The rankings are based on Eventful's proprietary algorithm, which measures demand frequency, currency, and total number of demands.

Eventful's "Weekly" chart ranks performers by the number of performance demands they receive from Sunday to the following Sunday. Much like Billboard's other charts, it includes the current week's ranking, number of weeks on the chart, and the performer's highest overall rank.

"These latest charts take full advantage of the information available through Eventful Demand, which gives fans a way to influence where their favorite performers tour and also acts as a guide to assist performers in scheduling their tours," Eventful CEO Jordan Glazier said in a statement.

Billboard's decision to use Eventful's Demand system is an interesting one. For years, the company has displayed the top grossing concerts, but this marks the first time that it will tell the artists where they're most wanted. And for Eventful, which is competing against a slew of companies, including Zvents and EventOrb, the company's Billboard deal cements it as a major force in the local-events market.

Right now, Paramore tops the list of today's most wanted performers, and Kenny Chesney heads the list as the week's most demanded performer.