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Epix Now begins streaming to Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices

The video-on-demand service launched in February, but only on Apple and Android devices.

The subscription video-on-demand service Epix Now is now available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Cable TV network Epix said Thursday that it's expanding the reach of its subscription streaming-TV service Epix Now with support for Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV.

The MGM-owned TV network launched the video-on-demand service in February, but the offering was available only on iOS and Android devices and Apple TV.  The $6 per month service gives access to the cable channel's full library of movies and original shows, as well as its four linear TV channels.

Epix is the latest company aiming to grab consumers who are opting out of traditional pay-TV subscriptions. These services, which compete against Netflix, seem to be launching all the time, such as Disney's upcoming Disney Plus service or the DC Universe service, launched in 2018. Epix in particular seems positioned against HBO Now, since the service includes a movie catalog and access to Epix's channels.

In addition to Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, Epix Now subscribers can stream content from the iOS and Android apps to any connected TV screen, download movies and shows for offline viewing, and access 4K Ultra HD streaming on supported Roku devices. Amazon Fire TV subscribers will have access to 4K content soon, Epix said.

Epix Now is currently available only in the US, and no plans for international expansion have been announced.