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Epic Lloyd's got a brand-new show

Lloyd Ahlquist (aka, Epic Lloyd) from "Epic Rap Battles of History" talks about his new YouTube show, "Epic Studios." He even drops a Nintendo freestyle.

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A lot of you might recognize Lloyd Ahlquist as "Epic Lloyd" since he's one of the creators of the super popular "Epic Rap Battles of History." Well, he's branching out a bit with a new, scripted comedy series called "Epic Studios."

In the show, Ahlquist plays a guy named Lloyd who inherits a recording studio after his rock star father is killed by his own stage lion. The show revolves around Lloyd doing his best to keep the studio afloat while a greedy developer, played by Kevin McDonald, tries to sink him. McDonald plays the antagonist role very well and Ahlquist says it was great to work with a man who was constantly squishing his head.

You can find the series at Ahlquist's YouTube channel. The first four episodes were already released on April 26. Three new episodes will be released every Wednesday until all 13 make their way online. Every episode also features a brand new song, with my personal favorite being episode three's "Day Drunk."

Speaking of songs, Ahlquist gave us some insight on "Epic Rap Battles of History." The show has produced countless great songs, but there was one rap battle that never made it: Henry VIII of England vs. Hillary Clinton. Ahlquist says he tried to make it work, but it stands as his favorite rejected rap battle.