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Election 2000: The Web watches

Sites put an electronic spin on the close presidential race, as eager voters log on to find out whether Vice President Al Gore or Texas Gov. George W. Bush will win.

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Sites put electronic spin on close presidential race

By CNET News.com Staff
December 4, 2000, 11:30 a.m. PT

Voters check the Internet to track the latest developments in the race between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Bush prepares for transition
As legal wrangling over who will get the keys to the White House continues, presidential hopeful George W. Bush is looking to the Web for possible transition team applicants.

Web grows as source of election news
video More Americans are seeking election news on the Internet this year, but their reliance on candidates' Web sites has dropped sharply, a new poll finds.

Supreme Court lets voters listen in online
In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Supreme Court invites a Web audience to listen in on the ultimate legal dogfight between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Gore not taking vote certification lying down
After falling short in Florida's now-certified presidential election, the vice president's lawyers file challenges on several fronts aiming to overcome the 537-vote margin held by George W. Bush.

Florida declares Bush winner of electoral votes
update Florida's secretary of state certifies George W. Bush the winner over Al Gore in the state's near-deadlocked presidential vote.

Supreme Court to hear one Bush case
The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to intervene in the Florida presidential recount, saying it will hear one of George W. Bush's appeals that seeks to bar hand-counted ballots in the disputed election.

Change in ballot recounts spurs protest
Democrats force a speedup in the counting of disputed ballots in Miami-Dade County, triggering a furious protest by George W. Bush's supporters.

Florida Supreme Court OKs late recounts
The state's top court rules unanimously that state election officials must accept amended presidential returns as late as Sunday or Monday.

Web streaming draws eyes to recount
update Major news outlets Webcast the hearing into the presidential vote recount, taking the strain off of a system that supports only a few hundred online viewers.

Wealth of election info online
hyperlinks | update Here's an extensive and eclectic list of Web sites that offer the latest in presidential election coverage and other news.

Napster attorney joins Gore camp
Al Gore adds high-profile attorney David Boies to his growing legal team hired to represent the vice president while final election results are being tallied in Florida.

Candidates seek support online
The Republican Party is turning to email lists developed during the presidential campaign to help thwart the vote recount in Florida.

eBay pulls auction for presidency
update The online auction company thwarts an attempt by one eBay auctioneer to put the U.S. presidency up for bid.

Election puts strain on Web sites
News and election-related Web sites are swamped as visitors log on to learn the latest on the teetering election.

Web takes second seat to TV
Predictions that the Web would supplant television this election season don't pan out, but the Internet is part of the party.

Newspapers become auction items
update Some papers fetch hefty prices on eBay as several morning editions prematurely declare that Texas Gov. George W. Bush has won the election.