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Elastra on Eucalyptus open source Cloud software--apparently I misunderstood

Ranting about the Cloud is alot more fun than doing real work.

Elastra's Stuart Charlton responded to my earlier rant about Eucalyptus. It's possible that I was way off on my interpretation and it's also possible that Elastra didn't do all right things in their efforts (like notify the companies they cited.) I will chalk it up to a poor written press release.

We were announcing that we've enabled the Elastra Cloud Server to interoperate with the Eucalyptus project and are opening up a limited beta program for those who have deployed a test Eucalyptus environment and would like to use our cloud server to provision and manage their MySQL or PgCluster database.

We haven't announced commercial support for the Eucalyptus project.

It would be very presumptuous for us to offer support considering how early the project is in its life! It primarily is still a UCSB project that has only recently opened up its code base and the project is not really set up for widespread contributions quite yet. What we're saying is, "this is a good idea, and for those interested in using Eucalyptus, we'll work with you".