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eBay is an online auction marketplace.

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      eBay is an online auction marketplace. It was one of the first auction sites on the Internet, and has become hugely popular as a way to buy and sell goods on the Web. PayPal requires user registration for both buyers and sellers and has instituted a user-credibility system with both karma points and a buyer and seller review to let users police themselves. The more frequent and well-respected users get certain advantages over new users, and commercial sellers are able to get discounts on listings and payment options.

      eBay makes its money by charging its sellers a listing fee as well as fees for several premium listing enhancements. The service is well known for its sometimes controversial listings, including rare commercial goods that often fetch astronomical prices, especially during the holiday season. The service is tightly tied with PayPal, which is owned by eBay, as a way to pay for goods and services, charging the buyer a percentage of the sale price or a one-time fee for each listing.

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      Webware coverage: eBay developer conference: San Dimas desktop and APIs; eBay confirms StumbleUpon acquisition; eBay does MySpace-compatible widgets

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