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eBay Collective wants to be your go-to place for high-end stuff

Are you simply going mad trying to find that Louis XIV armoire? Don't fly to Paris, darling. Try eBay Collective, instead.

eBay Collective

eBay Collective probably isn't for the likes of you and me -- assuming you're not on the hunt for a rare Paul Revere candlestick or some other pricey antique.

If you are, eBay's new "elevated shopping experience" could be the site for you.

That's because eBay aims to make it easy for interior designers and well-heeled consumers to search for hard-to-find antiques, fine art, furniture and other objets d'art. The site's "shop the look" image recognition tool helps with that. Hover over an image of a mid-century modern coffee table, say, and the tool looks through the entire inventory of curated products to find a match.

"Whether you are looking for a unique piece of furniture from a specific time period, or one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your home that reflects your own style, eBay Collective will help shoppers to find that perfect piece," Jill Ramsey, eBay's vice president of soft goods, wrote in a company blog post Monday.

eBay Collective will also feature articles from Architectural Digest and on decorating, shopping and "industry happenings."