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E! Online dishes the gossip

All the latest gossip from Hollywood and more is now available from a new Web site called E! Online.

All the latest gossip from Hollywood and more is now available from E! Online, a product of a joint venture between E! Entertainment Television and CNET: The Computer Network.

The new site will feature interactive feature stories with top celebrities as well as columns by writers from such diverse backgrounds as Entertainment Weekly, The Times of London, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. Kicking off the introduction of The Hot Spot, a section which will play host to live Webcast events, E! Online is doing a multipart series on "Celebrity Stalkers," which covers the history and psychology of such cases.

Other content sections include a real-life soap opera that tracks the rise of wannabe starlets as they try to make it big in Hollywood and all the latest news on the movie, TV, and music industry. Interactive features allow users to post photographs of themselves with celebrities, while movie and music reviews will feature QuickTime and RealAudio excerpts.

To kick off the new site's debut, users who register with E! Online can enter sweepstakes, with a trip to Universal Studios as the grand prize.