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Dropbox Pro ups storage limits and security features

Dropbox is increasing storage space and adding new security features for Dropbox Pro users, while simplifying plans down to a single price.


Dropbox is boosting its feature set for Dropbox Pro users, adding passwords and expiration dates for shared links and remote wipe capabilities, as well as unifying plans into a single offering.

The changes will be available to all new Dropbox Pro users as of today, with the added features rolling out to existing Pro users over the coming days.

In recognition of the greater storage needs of Dropbox Pro users -- the paid service is billed as a more advanced option for prosumers compared to the entry-level free service -- Dropbox has upped storage to 1TB for Pro customers.

Previously, users could choose between 100GB, 200GB and 500GB of space, available for $9.99, $19.99 and $49.99 per month respectively (£7.99, £15.99, £39.99; AU$10.99, AU$21.99, $54.99). Now, despite the doubling of storage from the top tier, Dropbox Pro customers will be charged $9.99 per month for 1TB (£7.99, AU$10.99).

In addition to the new pricing structure, Dropbox is rolling out a number of new security features for customers. Users will now be able to add password-access to shared links as well as expiration dates -- Dropbox says this feature is valuable for users such as professional photographers who want clients to pay for images after a certain date. Users will also be able to create 'Edit' or 'View Only' permissions for those accessing shared files.

Shared links can now be set to expire. Dropbox

For those that sync Dropbox's cloud storage with specific folders on their computer, Pro customers will now be able to remotely wipe this shared folder. If their device is stolen, users will be able to log into their Dropbox account on any other computer, "unlink" their computer and ensure files are deleted from the lost device.

Lost computers can have shared files wiped. Dropbox

Speaking about the new offering, Dropbox Head of Product ChenLi Wang said the upgraded Pro service was ideal for "educators, designers, marketers [and] consultants" as well as "the millions out there" who wanted "powerful sharing".

"Others offer the base, but really nobody has the same breadth of features and functionality as Dropbox Pro," he said. "We're enabling anyone who creates, edits and shares to have the more powerful Pro with the new set of features."