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DotCom promises splashy launch for Mega

Kim DotCom tweets that we should expect a "press conference like no other" next month when he introduces his new Mega cloud storage service.

Kim DotCom, the New Zealand-based entrepreneur, is up to his old tricks again.

In a ploy to promote the launch of the Mega cloud storage service, DotCom has taken to Twitter to promise a "press conference like no other."

The press conference will take place at DotCom's mansion, so we should probably expect the extravagant entrepreneur to lay on quite the show. Reportedly worth $30 million, the property comes complete with a fleet of vintage cars, customized shotguns and even an inflatable tank or two.

The founder of MegaUpload also mentions on his Twitter feed that he wants the new service to be available in "as many languages as possible," and so is on the hunt for translators ahead of the January 20 launch.

DotCom's earlier cyber storage locker, MegaUpload, was launched in 2005, only to be taken down about a year ago by U.S. federal agencies, which argued that it was a service that pirates were using to facilitate copyright infringement. After being taken to court by U.S. officials for running a "criminal enterprise," DotCom said he had "no intention" of reactivating MegaUpload, and furthermore would not establish any similar business while extradition proceedings were taking place.

The arrival of as a cloud-based storage locker may have U.S. prosecutors spitting feathers, but MegaUpload's defense team says that DotCom is "entitled to innovate and work in technology like any other innocent New Zealander" until proven otherwise.

An extradition hearing has been scheduled for March of next year as American authorities continue to try to remove the entrepreneur from New Zealand.