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DOJ probe turns to Wintel

The software giant's antitrust worries mount as Caldera moves to take legal action against it and renewed charges of Microsoft pressure on Intel take hold.

Renewed charges of Microsoft pressure on chip partner Intel point up stark disparities between the two halves of the Wintel juggernaut.

Redmond wins Wintel equation
news analysis As Intel's business is squeezed by low-cost chipmakers, Microsoft has been pulling further away from its competition.

Intel: The stepchild of Wintel?
news analysis If there is any sibling resentment within the Wintel family, there may be good reason for it, at least from Intel's perspective.

DOJ probes Microsoft-Intel ties
audio The DOJ is reportedly investigating whether Microsoft has used its market muscle to force Intel to shelve new technology efforts.

Caldera to MS: Fork over the code
Caldera executives claim Microsoft failed to hand over all of the source code required by the judge in its case against the software giant.

Microsoft cools buyout pace
The software giant has greatly slowed its acquisition pace during the past two years in favor of other investments.

Will Valence balance NT's load?
news analysis Handling large server loads hasn't been Windows NT's strong point, but Microsoft's buy of Valence Research may change that.