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Dodo warned after breaking telco code on usage alerts

​Dodo has been called out by the Australian Media and Communications Authority for failing to properly notify its customers about broadband data usage.


The Australian Communications and Media Authority has called out Dodo for failing to issue alerts to its customers about their broadband data usage, issuing a formal warning to the ISP for breaching the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code.

The TCP Code requires ISPs to send alerts to help customers manage their data usage and avoid bill shock, informing them when they have reached 50, 85 and 100 percent of their monthly data allowance ("unless the plan is for unlimited data, the data is 'shaped' or if usage is capped at 100 percent").

An ACMA investigation found that Dodo failed to send these to its customers. In total, the problem affected roughly 3,300 Dodo fixed broadband customers in October 2013 and nearly 2,000 customers the following month.

Of the seven telco service providers assessed as part of the investigation, Dodo was the only one found to be in breach of the code.

According to ACMA chairman Chris Chapman, Dodo cooperated with the investigation.

"Once its failure to send the alerts was identified in its response to the ACMA's enquiries, Dodo worked swiftly to fix the information technology faults that had prevented the alerts from being sent. Dodo also compensated affected customers and had capped the excess usage charges."

Chapman said it was "heartening" to see the telecommunications industry embracing the new regulations and assisting customers with managing data usage.