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Docstoc: Invitations to beta

Docstoc looks like a useful site for getting and sharing documents.

Docstoc might just be a better source for boilerplate documents than paid services.

We covered the Docstoc community document library from the TechCrunch40 conference, and lately have been able to try it ourselves. It's a good library of documents. The community rating and commenting system is what will really make it work, though, if enough people join in. I can't really tell if one living will is better than another, so insightful commentary would help.

Docstoc can also be used like Scribd and other document sharing services, as an embedding engine for shared books or other nonvideo media files.

If you'd like to try out Docstoc while it's in private beta, go the signup page and enter "webware" as the invitation id.

See also this cute little video press release from Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar. We probably won't run this kind of a promo again, but he did put in our logo and everything...